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October 14, 2013 Monthly Meeting

OCTOBER 14, 2013
7:00 PM

The Monthly Meeting was called to order by Chairman Harold Manske. 
Present were Chairman Manske, Supervisors LeRoy Schmitz and Phyllis
Giese, Clerk Patti Supple, Treasurer Jody Roffers, Attorney John St.
Peter and various Town residents.  Confirmation was made of open
meeting notice.  Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as

There were no public comments.

Gib Hietpas, CPA presented the official Town Audit for review.  He
noted that one debt has been paid in full.  The General Fund is in the
black plus $100,000.00 with the overage taking into account the 2011
extra expenses for road construction.  He noted the Town Board sets
aside money for road construction alleviating the need to borrow money
for operating expenses.  The money put into reserve is not expensed
until spent.  Mr. Hietpas gives the Town a good clean A+ opinion.  
Chairman Manske expressed concern over having all the Town money in
one bank.  He noted the funds are over what the FDIC insures. 
Attorney St. Peter noted the Bank is audited and has a good
reputation.  However, the Bank should be monitored and can be asked
for a verification of solvency.

Jim Supple presented the Code Enforcement report.  
1. He noted the Majerus culvert issue has been resolved.  
2.The Woodland Park trailer has still not been repaired.  A certified
letter will be sent to the Park owners.  
3. The Zeleske storage shed issue has been handed over to the
attorneys since Mr. Zeleske has hired an attorney.  It was noted the
shed needs to be removed since a permit was not issued, and the lot is
non-conforming AG.  Attorney St. Peter recommended rezoning the lot to
Residential but this would make the building even more non-conforming.
 There is an existing shed on the lot that is already oversize for
Residential zoning.  The lot is only 1.63 acres.  Mr. Zeleske
maintains he has acquired goats for producing milk, cheese and butter.
 He maintains this structure is a temporary building and will not
remove it from the lot.  Attorney St. Peter reminded Mr. Zeleske that
daily forfeitures could be in place from the time the building was
constructed.  Mr. Zeleske stated that is why he has hired an
4.  The Alexander Bishop strip mall weeds have been cut.
5. No new complaints.
Mr. Supple reported that Regan Arndt contacted him about the prairie
grass being cut on his property and damage to bee hives.  AT& T cut
the grass around their substation, but the property is leased from Mr.
Arndt.  Arndt’s are investigating a lawsuit for damages.  The Town did
not contact AT&T to cut the weeds.

A change order was presented for the Chlorination building.  Panic
hardware is needed on the door.  Supervisor Schmitz questioned why
this was not part of the original bid since it is a DNR requirement. 
Since the Town hired a qualified engineer to oversee this project,
this is an unnecessary extra expense.  In a phone conversation October
9, 2013 Jeff Wolford agreed to discuss the matter with Chris Kaempfer
so the Town will not pay for the change order costs.  The completion
of the chlorination building is set for January 3, 2014 with the
system being online mid December.  Motion was made and seconded to
approve change order CO-1071301A-02.  Motion carried.  The existing
pit needs a sump pump due to water infiltration.  Motion was made and
seconded to have Kaempfer & Associates get a quote on sump pump costs.
 Motion carried.  The sump pump should alleviate the need to pump out
the pit whenever work must be done.  

Clow has agreed to extend the warranty to 30 years on the valves, but
has not agreed to replacement cost reimbursement.  Attorney St. Peter
will send a letter saying replacement costs must be part of the
agreement.  Two bills for faulty valves will be forwarded to Clow for
reimbursement.  In order for the Town to accept the warranty the
following is needed:  30 year warranty, replacement costs covered and
the cost of 3 valves already replaced must be covered.

It was brought to the Town’s attention that the Village of North Fond
du Lac only flushes the lines once a year.  They should be flushed
twice a year.  This matter needs to be discussed with Darren Parsons
or Nick Leonard.  The Clow valves should be checked every three years
on a rotating basis and confirmation submitted to the Town that they
are working properly.

An October 9 meeting with Premier Streblow Lane, LLC was very
productive.  The development agreement was discussed as to content. 
The DNR and ECRP need letters from the Town, City, Water Utility and
Sanitary District stating the project has been approved.  Since the
sanitary system will be mainly gravity flow, the system will need to
be metered.

At the October 9 meeting, Fondy Investments was also present.  It was
noted that one or two streetlights will be needed on the boulevard,
especially by the entrance off Highway 23.  Content of the development
agreement was discussed.  

A more equitable share of costs for the wastewater agreement has been
proposed.  Motion was made and seconded to approve the amendment to
the 2000 Wastewater Management Agreement.  Motion carried.

The Rumbuc/Rilling request to have horses on the property on CTH OO
was discussed.  The Planning Commission recommended approval
contingent on the number of horses being limited to four, fencing
being installed around the property behind the house, proper permits
for updating the barn and proper removal of manure.  The manure will
be hauled to property on Lost Arrow Road by Rumbuc’s father in an
enclosed trailer.  The conditional use permit is not transferable to a
new owner.  The permit will be reviewed every 5 years, sooner if
complaints are received.  Motion was made and seconded to approve the
CUP conditional on the Planning Committee recommendations.  Motion
carried.  2 aye, Schmitz abstain

Sweet Wisdom Condominiums Development on CTH K was reviewed.  The
Planning Committee recommendations were reviewed.  Per Planning
recommendations, motion was made and seconded to approve the
stormwater management plan, the condo plan and the final declaration
once changes being made.  Motion carried.

Per recommendations from the Town Hall Advisory Committee motion was
made and seconded to hire Smies & Associates to develop an
architectural rendering of a new town hall.  Motion carried.  Cost of
the rendering is $3495.00.  As reported by Ted Ellestad, the architect
will confer with the Town Board, Fire Department and roadman to
determine the needs of the Town.  Floor plans will be prepared and
presented to the Board for approval and or changes.  Alternative plans
can be done.  Once approved, schematic plans will be drawn.  A budget
estimate will be determined.  3-D renderings will be done.  Public
information will be provided with the idea of a spring referendum. 
Chairman Manske felt a spring vote would be too soon.  He felt the
plans would need more promotion to get public approval.  He
recommended using the fall election as a time line.  He also noted
that with the issues before the Town, including the purchase of new
plow vehicles, the City boundary agreement negotiations and the
economy, this might not be the best time to move forward with the
construction.  Supervisor Giese agree that the time line was going
faster than she anticipated.  She recommended a slower approach. 
Supervisor Schmitz noted that there are other considerations,
including working with the County on their structure with the option
to house some of the Town equipment.  Of special concern is the 2016
Intergovernmental Agreement which will hopefully help secure the Town
borders.  Motion was made and seconded to approve the hiring of Smies
& Associates for architectural renderings at a cost of $3495.00. 
Motion carried.

Minutes for the Martin Road driveway access were written by Attorney
St. Peter.  See attachment.

Motion was made and seconded to approve the renewal of Patti Supple,
Don Schoepke and Pat Sheridan for 3 years to the Planning Commission. 
Motion carried.

It was reported that the Fondy Sports has closed the ATV track.  No
plans have been produced on the 2 ½ acre pond.  Along with the
closing of the ATV track, the stormwater management plan has been
pulled.  (A sign was noticed at the entrance to Fondy Sports
advertising road testing ATV’s.)  The motion was made and seconded to
stand firm with the requirement to have the attorney and engineering
fees be reimbursed by Fondy Sports in relation to the Aqua Park. 
Motion carried.

The roads in Esterbrook Estates Addition 1 will be done next year. 
Due to delays in design recommendations, it was determined the project
probably could not be completed this year.

The Stormwater topic for this month is “Leave your leaves on the

The County has signed the road maintenance agreement.  There will be a
ribbon cutting for the Pioneer Road project on Tuesday, November 12. 
Treasurer Roffers will be attending the County Treasurers workshop on
October 30.  Chairman Manske will attend the ambulance meeting on
October 17.

Motion was made and seconded to approve the operator’s licenses for
Laura Wilhelms, East Shore Minute Mart and Patricia Peterson, Engies. 
Motion carried.

The Board of Appeals will meet to review a request for a shed on
Pastwood Lane.  There are no Planning Commission meetings scheduled.

The new plow/utility truck has been delivered and insured.  The
population for the Town is estimated at 3381.  The State of Wisconsin
DNR has opened rifle hunting for deer throughout the State.  The TRIP
program recommendations will include Forest Avenue Road for 2014 and
Commerce Court and Willowlawn for 2015.  

General Account Received:  $254,009.03
                            Orders:        578,179.04
                            Balance:       45,077.28
	CD:  $525,000.00
Road, Bridge, Culvert & Eq:  $272,455.07
Park:  $31,691.79
	Hall:  $100,056.95
	Fire Dept:  $95,419.56

Motion was made and seconded to approve the Financial Report.  Motion

Bills:  $88,565.76        Wages:  $10,508.72

Motion was made and seconded to approve the Payment of Bills.  Motion

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Submitted by Patti Supple, Town Clerk


Minutes of Town Board Meeting
October 14, 2013

[The following minutes were prepared by Town Attorney John A. St.
Peter because Town Clerk Patti Supple removed herself from the
proceedings discussed below. See balance of the meeting minutes for
this same date covering the remaining subjects of the Town Board

Supple Request for Additional Driveway Access on Martin Road

James and Patti Supple requested permission from the Town Board for
two driveway access points on Martin Road to serve two separate lots
owned by the Supples abutting Martin Road. The Town Board discussed
the extent of traffic on Martin Road and its past practice of allowing
access cuts under similar circumstances in other parts of the Town.
After further discussion of the factors pro and con, motion and second
with unanimous adoption of the following resolution:

	RESOLVED, that the Town Board authorizes two additional driveway
	points to the Supple property located on Martin Road in the Town of
Fond du Lac,
	Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. The Town Attorney is authorized to
	whatever additional documents are necessary to implement this


								By: __________________________
									John A. St. Peter
									Recording Secretary

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