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January 14, 2013 Monthly Meeting

JANUARY 14, 2013
7:00 PM

The Public Hearing was called to order by Chairman Harold Manske.

The first item on the Public Hearing was the rezoning of the
Kuether/Mikkelsen property behind Riverview Court from AG to RR
zoning.  The Planning Committee found no problem with the rezoning. 
There was no other discussion.

Next on the agenda are the changes to the Town Ordinances and new
ordinances.  First are the farm animals in residential zoning.  Due to
the fact the present ordinance does not specify what types of farm
animals, it was determined a more exclusive description was needed.  A
list of permitted farm animals as a special exception was determined
by the Planning Commission.  One resident asked if his fish farm
license would still be allowed.  It would be “grandfathered in”. 
Limits on the number of animals allowed would be determined on a case
by case basis.

Second ordinance change was to the fencing ordinance.  The change
would add the need for the finished side of the fence to face the
outside.  In addition, the set back for fencing was changed to the
property line but not over the line.  Fire Chief Sanborn commented
this should also include commercial and industrial properties.

The third ordinance was to include a Solar Energy Ordinance.  The
ordinance is based on the State of Wisconsin criteria.

The fourth ordinance was to include a Telecommunications Ordinance. 
This ordinance was also based on State of Wisconsin criteria.  Added
to the original draft is the upkeep and maintenance of the property
the Tower is sited on.  This ordinance was recommended due to a recent
request for a cell tower in the Town.  Due to the lack of an
ordinance, the Town determined guidelines were needed to limit the
location of towers.

The final ordinance recommendation was the Discharge of Firearms in
Residential areas.  This ordinance would affect those properties in
residential zoning such as platted subdivisions and high density areas
such as apartment complexes.  About 60 residents were present to
discuss this topic.  Among those speaking were Chris Shafer, Chuck
Branier, Jim Kramer, Eric Kaufman, Mike Ott, Ginny Knecht, Scott
Roltgen, Joe Schumacher, Jody Schneider, Mark Miller, Chuck Schob, Dan
Gurath, Roger Jewson, John Schafer, Jason Quast, Karen Arrowwood, Jeff
Butzke, Craig Sanborn, Tim Mathweg, Dennis Schneider, Loren Bosc,
George Scott, Mary Leasa, Sonja Johnston, Harry Wunch, Tony Koenigs,
Andrew Keenan and Paul Aird.  The first question discussed was why
this ordinance was needed.  Complaints have been received from several
residents in three specific areas of the Town concerning noise and
safety concerns from guns being discharged across property lines.  The
ordinance was in response to the concerns expressed by those
residents.  In addition, those opposed to the ordinance stated it was
an unnecessary ordinance, it was being ram-rodded through, the NRA is
opposed and will be on site if this passes, should not apply to those
shooting bows and arrows, the Sheriff’s Department should be called to
handle the situation, lack of ability to regulate the ordinance, it is
an unlawful regulation, let the DNR regulate, taking away rights,
can’t regulate stupidity, can’t make an ordinance to regulate every
situation, meetings should be better publicized, children should be
better guided when using firearms, have shooters obtain permits for
target shooting, DNR already regulates shooting near homes, can’t
legislate common sense, punishing those who respect the laws to
control those who abuse the laws, advocate for teaching gun safety
classes, and concerns over controlling varmints.  Those who were in
favor of this ordinance were pleased the Town was interested in
protecting public safety, wanted a way to control those shooting too
near their homes, and indicated that the Town has become more
populated and therefore in need of an ordinance regulating the
discharge of firearms.  Some recommendations made included holding gun
safety classes at the Town Hall, putting out a newsletter with
concerns over firearm safety, calling the Sheriff when shooting
becomes a concern, and better parental guidance.  One concern that was
raised was that the DNR regulation for 100 yards from a home does not
apply to the homeowner.  Attorney St. Peter noted that the proposed
ordinance was legal and that other Townships have adopted similar
ordinances.  Michelle Sanborn stated she was pleased so many attended
the meeting and that more people should be involved at every meeting. 
Tony Koenigs noted that the Fire Department is always looking for

There being no more discussion, motion was made and seconded to
adjourn to the Monthly Meeting.  Motion carried.


The Monthly Meeting was called to order by Chairman Harold Manske. 
Present were Chairman Manske, Supervisors LeRoy Schmitz and Phyllis
Giese, Clerk Patti Supple, Treasurer Jody Roffers, Attorney John St.
Peter and various Town and City residents.  Confirmation was made of
open meeting notice.  Minutes from the previous meeting were approved
as presented.

There were no public comments.

Due to the large number of residents present to hear the results of
the Firearms Ordinance, the matter was taken out of order.  Supervisor
Schmitz stated some valid points were made and some need to be
considered.  Supervisor Giese added that the intention was not to
punish anyone, but to protect.  Due to the number of concerns raised,
motion was made and seconded to deny approval of the Discharge of
Firearms ordinance in Residential zoning.  Motion carried.

At the request of Mikkelsen/Kuether the rezoning request motion was
made and seconded to table the rezoning request at this time.  Motion
carried.  It was noted the Planning Commission had reviewed the
request and found no concerns.

There being no more discussion, motion was made and seconded to
approve the changes to the “farm animals in residential zoning”
ordinance.  Motion carried.

There being no more discussion, motion was made and seconded to
approve the changes to the fencing ordinance in residential,
commercial and industrial zoning.  Motion carried.

There being no more discussion, motion was made and seconded to
approve the Solar Energy ordinance.  Motion carried.

There being no more discussion, motion was made and seconded to
approve the Telecommunications Ordinance.  Motion carried.

Permit Issuer/Code Enforcement report from Jim Supple.  Mr. Supple
reported he had sent a letter to Mr. Halfman on Winnebago Drive
concerning finishing removing the rest of the materials and obtaining
a fencing permit.  While some more of the debris has been removed, a
truck being repaired is still on jacks in the yard.  It was
recommended the site be monitored.  The branches on a tree on
Willowlawn Road have been trimmed per a report from Rocky Schmidt. 
Application for a sign permit and occupancy permit have been received
from the Westbrook rental business.  Supervisor Schmitz recommended
requiring a solid fence to camouflage the rental equipment and sale
items outside.  Due to the fact the business has been lax in obtaining
the proper permits, it was recommended closing the business until the
sign permit and occupancy permit are obtained.  Of concern is cleaning
up the yard or installing a fence.   A call was received from Dave
Meier complaining that Mr. Price has his work trailer parked in his
driveway.  He was informed he should contact the subdivision board
since this is not a Town matter.

Kaempfer & Associates reported the working plans for the chlorination
building and system are 50% completed.  The defective valve has been
sent for a second review on it’s reason for failure.

The American Auto stormwater management plans, fencing plans and
building plans were submitted for approval.  The Planning Committee
reviewed the above plans and made the following recommendations.  The
stormwater plans have been reviewed by the County, DNR and the Town
engineer and recommended changes have been made.  A stormwater
management agreement is ready for Town signatures and recording at the
Register of Deeds.  The fencing will be a solid fence 7 to 8 feet high
and will be in earth tones.  The building will be grey with a red
roof.  The site will be completely enclosed by the fence.  The DNR and
DOT have no problem with the parking of vehicles and the storage of
materials inside the building.  A mound system and private well will
be installed.  The Planning Committee researched the zoning of the
property-Commercial- and noted that no salvage work or dismantling can
be done on the site.  Motion was made and seconded to approve the
Resolution approving the stormwater drainage plans, stormwater
management agreement, the construction of a private mound system per
County regulations, a private well per State regulations, and a solid
7 foot grey fence to enclose the property.  Approval is contingent on
the fencing materials and guidelines being provided to the Clerk. 
Motion carried.

Motion was made and seconded to approve the renewal of the insurance
through the Horton Group with an increase in injunctive claims at a
cost of $450.00.  Motion carried.

Motion was made and seconded to  approve the Resolution approving the
relinquishment of the liquor license to the Top Stick Bar by Linda
Lueloff as of January 1, 2013.  Motion carried.

The stormwater topic is vehicle maintenance.

There were no meetings attended by Town officials.

Motion was made and seconded to approve the Edward Rose Development
CSM on south Main Street.  Motion carried.

There are no Planning Committee meetings planned.  The Board of
Appeals will meet to review the sign for Westbrook rentals.

The Town of Fond du Lac will be hosting the quarterly Town’s
Association meeting at the Expo Hall at the Fairgrounds.  

FINANCIAL REPORT:  December 2012

	General Account received:  $242,738.34
	                           Orders:        465,381.60
                                      Balance:         82,980.47
	CD:  $325,000.00
	Road, Bridge, Culvert & Eq:  $272,200.48
	Park:  $5,996.75
	CD:  $27,008.06  Bldg. CD:  $100.013.33
Motion was made and seconded to approve the Financial Report.  Motion

  Bills:  $90,646.50    Wages:  $1491.30 and $13,622.85. 

Motion was made and seconded to approve the Payment of Bills.  Motion

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Submitted by Patti Supple, Town Clerk

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