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March 12, 2012 Monthly Meeting

MARCH 12, 2012
7:00 PM

Chairman Harold Manske called the Public Hearing to order.  He noted
that the Public Hearing would address three ordinance changes: 
Accessory Buildings, Solar Power and Wind Energy.  

The first topic was Accessory Buildings.  Attorney John St. Peter
provided a handout with options per the Planning Committee
recommendations.  Option one:  allows accessory buildings in
residential zoning based on size of lot, limits side lot buildings to
100 sq. ft., one accessory building per lot-except duplex lots, set
backs for side and rear lot lines is 10 feet, buildings limited to one
story with 9 foot side walls from grade, and buildings to match main
building in color, style and roof pitch.   Option two:  same as Option
one but with the following addition:  limits both roof and floor
extensions to no more than two feet from outer wall.  Two questions
that arose after the Planning Meeting were what to do about exceeding
size limits and allowing for a gazebo in addition to an accessory
building.  Exceeding size limits could be addressed with a special use
permit and the gazebo issue could be addressed by changing the one
building limit to address gazebos.  

Clerk Patti Supple noted that the recommended changes came up as a
result of some questions concerning a request for an accessory
building that was denied.  The property owner approached the Town with
a new proposal that included an approved size building with a large
roof area covering the concrete pad.  The question was addressed at
the February Monthly Meeting and Attorney St. Peter had noted that if
variances are being approved over 50% of the time, it would be a good
idea to address a change in the ordinances.  He also noted that
variances should be granted for unnecessary hardship which is caused
by a land configuration that prohibits following the ordinance.  

Building Inspector Charlie Martin noted that the limit of one building
per lot should be changed to two buildings, attached to the ground
(permanent) and exclude dog houses and play equipment.  The combined
size of the two buildings cannot exceed the total allowed for the lot
size.  Tony Koenigs asked for an explanation of set backs.  Set backs
are to the building wall not the roof line.  Scott Roltgen asked for
an explanation of why the ordinance was changed several years ago to
300 sq. ft.  Chairman Manske explained that some lots in subdivisions
were too small to accommodate 600 sq. ft. accessory buildings so the
ordinance was changed.  Clerk Supple noted that the Board was under
the assumption that a variance could be then granted to allow for
larger buildings but at the February Meeting Attorney St. Peter told
the Board that this was not an option.  

There being no more discussion, the Public Hearing concerning
Accessory Buildings was closed.

The second topic for discussion was Solar Energy.  Attorney St. Peter
provided a handout concerning the topic.  The Town Board and Planning
Committee had reviewed an ordinance written by Attorney St. Peter. 
The Planning Committee was concerned over the vagueness of the
ordinance.  Attorney St. Peter noted that the State will not allow a
community to deny all solar energy systems.  The State is reviewing
the standards for regulating systems, and it was recommended that the
Town hold off on adopting an ordinance until the new rulings are
completed.  Some items to consider for the future are allowing certain
types of roof panels, excluding solar powered lights and electric
fences from the ordinance, or limiting the rulings to residential
zoning.  Special Use permits could also be used for other types of

There being no more discussion, the Public Hearing concerning Solar
Energy was closed.

The final topic for discussion was Wind Energy.  Again Attorney St.
Peter provided a handout on the topic.  While the Planning Committee
and Town Board had reviewed a sample ordinance, it too was considered
to be fairly vague.  Attorney St. Peter noted that the State is also
reviewing the Wind Energy regulations and that many changes are
already in the works.  Again, the Town could regulate the height in
residential areas, but local regulations can limit but not completely
deny wind energy.  Inspector Martin said a fall zone should be created
to protect neighbors.  Larry Wunsch noted that he had moved from an
area with wind turbines due to noise and vibrations.  He stated he had
helped draft an ordinance and would be willing to help the Town
develop an ordinance.  

There being no more discussion, the Public Hearing concerning Wind
Energy was closed.


Chairman Harold Manske called the Monthly Meeting to order.  Present
were Chairman Manske, Supervisors Phyllis Giese and LeRoy Schmitz,
Clerk Patti Supple, Treasurer John St. Peter, and various Town
Residents.  Confirmation was made of open meeting notice.  Minutes
from the previous meeting were corrected due to spelling errors in
paragraph one.  With the corrections, motion was made and seconded to
approve the minutes.  Motion carried.

Jennifer Pfeiffer was present with other residents in her neighborhood
to ask for help with  drainage issues.  She would like clarification
as to why the pumping proposal from Mand Plumbing wouldn’t be allowed.
 Chairman Manske stated that in checking with REC, Engineering, the
Town Attorney and the DNR, the chance for raw sewage being pumped into
waterways is just too great. He noted the Town Board and the Sanitary
District cannot get involved if there is a potential for contamination
from raw sewage.   After much discussion over the Mand proposal, Mrs.
Pfeiffer asked the Board for other options.  The clay barrier option
was proposed.  Mrs. Pfeiffer stated the clay barrier did not help. 
Attorney St. Peter noted that the Town Board has rejected the Mand
proposal.  The next step is for the residents to submit another option
for review.  The residents must also convince the Town Board to expend
Town funds to correct a problem which seems to be a private
subdivision matter.  Mrs. Pfeiffer requested that another engineer be
contacted about the Mand proposal since Ron Cunzenheim was the
designer of the subdivision in question.  Attorney St. Peter noted
that there is no conflict of interest in using REC, Engineering-Ron
Cunzenheim for answers.  He recommended that Mr. Cunzenheim, in a
letter, explain his reasons for rejecting the Mand proposal.  This
letter would be forwarded to Mrs. Pfeiffer for review and the matter
could be readdressed at the April meeting.  Mrs. Pfeiffer asked if
there were any other pumps such as suggested by Mand Plumbing in the
area.  To the Boards knowledge, there are no such pumps.  Several
other residents expressed their concerns over the water issues and
asked for Town help.  Dick Taddey noted that the ditches along
Canterbury and Esterbrook have drainage issues.  The County will
survey this area this spring.

Mike Gannon noted that with the redistricting he is again seeking a
position on the County Board.

Discussion over changes to the Accessory Building ordinance covered
adding two buildings per lot not to exceed the total square footage
allowed per lot, to change the lot/building sizes and to add the roof
line and flooring surface extensions to the ordinance.  After
discussion, motion was made and seconded to approve the Accessory
Building Ordinance with the following additions:  two buildings per
lot not to exceed the total square footage allowed, two foot
overhangs, two foot flooring surface overages, and on .75 acres 600
sq.ft. buildings, .75 to 2 acres, 700 sq.ft, and over 2 acres 800
sq.ft.  Motion carried.

The Solar Panel and Wind Energy ordinances were tabled until the State
has updated their rulings.  This will possibly be on the April

The Kaempfer report was reviewed.  Mr. Steenburg and Mr. Streblow have
signed the easement agreements, so the construction can begin on the
chlorination building.  J.E. Arthur will do easement and building

Basco, LLC of Blue Heron Ponds has paid all bills submitted.  They
would like the letter of credit released.  The punch list has been
completed.  Supervisor Schmitz was concerned over a culvert and road
extension not being completed.  It was recommended that before the
release of the letter of credit these issues be checked.  The matter
will be on the April agenda.  Chairman Manske will check with Gremmer
& Associates for any potential drainage issues.

Motion was made and seconded to approve the MS-4 report for Stormwater
Management.  Motion carried.

Motion was made and seconded to approve the following poll workers: 
Mary Karrmann, Chief Inspector,  Cathy Streblow, Chief Inspector,
Sandra Weninger, Shirley Gurath, Joanne Steenburg, Barb Woehlke,
Loretta Fatke, Loretta Koenigs, Virginia Knecht, Rita Gross-Hahn,
Betty Ryan, Sheila Seefeldt, Robert Giese, Kelly Mueller, Judean Wife
and Debra Parduhn.  Motion carried.

Motion was made and seconded to reappoint Cathy Seffern and Joe
Schumacher to the Board of Appeals for a three year term.  Motion

Due to a leaking water pipe, motion was made and seconded to allow
Sanitary District #4 to excavate for lateral repair in the vicinity of
Jon-Ray Drive.  Motion carried.

Chairman Manske reported that the FCEDC has a dinner and meeting
planned.  The ambulance committee meeting is scheduled for March 14,
2012, and the N E Asphalt meeting is scheduled for March 29, 2012. 
Clerk Supple reported she will be attending a class with her Chief
Inspectors at the County Clerk’s office.  She will also be conducting
a poll workers class on March 29th.  Supervisor Schmitz will be
attending the Airport Committee meeting and the Highway 23 update

There are no Board of Appeals or Planning Meetings scheduled.

Supervisor Giese noted that Kennedy Drive needs some reshouldering and
there is some damage from plowing that needs to be fixed by the Fire
Station #2.  Clerk Supple noted that there is an election on April 3,
2012.  Please be patient as there are now 9 ballot styles for this
election and the poll workers need to make sure each resident gets the
correct ballot.  Attorney St. Peter has recommended the Board sign a
change of terms for elected officials due to the change in the Annual
Meeting date.  Residents on Emery Lane have asked to be on the agenda
for the April  Meeting.  

FINANCIAL REPORT:  February 2012

	General Account received:  $727,972.92
			    Orders:       678,786.82
                                       Balance:        97,208.08
		CD:  $600,000.00
	Road, Bridge, Culvert & Eq.:  $257,104.68
	Park:  $32,046.73
Motion was made and seconded to approve the Financial Report.  Motion


Bills:  $47,398.32  Wages:  $11,990.34
Motion was made and seconded to approve the Payment of Bills.  Motion

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Submitted by Patti Supple, Town Clerk

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