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February 10, 2014 Monthly Meeting

FEBRUARY 10, 2014
7:00 PM

The Monthly Meeting was called to order by Acting Chairman LeRoy
Schmitz.  Present were Acting Chairman Schmitz, Supervisor Phyllis
Giese, Clerk Patti Supple, Treasurer Jody Roffers, Attorney John St.
Peter and various Town residents.

Confirmation was made of open meeting notice.  Minutes from the
previous meeting were approved as presented.

Mike Gannon, County Supervisor, noted he is running for re-election to
the County Board as is Robert Giese.

Clerk Supple asked Acting Chairman Schmitz permission to speak
concerning the appointment to the Town Chairman position.  She noted
that the late Chairman Harold Manske was concerned about his health
and the various issues concerning the Town.  He was hoping to find an
individual interested in becoming the Chairman who he could mentor. 
Unfortunately, Harold’s health declined faster than expected, and he
never really got the opportunity to approach any of the candidates. 
He did, however provide names of several candidates he felt would be
an asset to the Town.  Three of these candidates were approached, and
all turned down the position.   One very qualified candidate remained
on the list, Bob Giese.  The only reason he was not first on the list,
was because his wife is a Supervisor on the Board.  Bob is familiar
with the Town’s sewer and water systems, the various issues facing the
Town and was an asset during the negotiations on the first
inter-governmental agreement. Attorney St. Peter stated that the State
Statutes were reviewed and the Town’s Association was questioned on
this matter.  There are no rules against having a husband and wife on
the Board at the same time.  While having a husband and wife on the
Board is not an ideal situation, due to the sensitive negotiations
going on at this time, it is imperative a Chairman is appointed.  As
Clerk, I have worked with both Bob and Phyllis on the Board and find
them to be honest and have great integrity.  As a short term solution
to the vacancy, I make a motion to appoint Robert Giese as Town
Chairman.  Acting Chairman Schmitz seconded the motion.  The motion
was approved with 2 aye and Supervisor Phyllis Giese abstaining.

The newly appointed Chairman Giese stated he accepts the position and
noted he will be happy to aid the Town at this time.  He also noted
that the Board will continue to look for a board member to replace
Supervisor Giese but for the time being both he and his wife will
remain on the Board.  Until he is sworn into office, Acting Chairman
Schmitz will conduct the meeting.

Permit Issuer/Code Enforcement Officer Jim Supple presented updates on
various issues.
1.	 Woodland Mobile Home Park is in receivership.  Attorney St. Peter
reported that Bank Mutual has taken over the day to day running of the
Park.  They will be removing damaged mobile homes on lots 3, 4 and 5
by early March.  Large dumpsters have been replaced by smaller bins,
and abandoned vehicles will be removed by March 15.  Per a phone
conversation with Ms. Anderson, the rest of the mobile homes will be
inspected as soon as possible.
2.	Mr. John Zeleske has added another unpermitted accessory building
on his property.  This violation will be added to the documents being
drawn up for presentation to the Court.
3.	Harold Pinno was sent another letter stating he must remove the
unpermitted building on his property with a definite date for removal
before proceeding with legal action.

Chris Kaempfer was present to discuss change orders for the
chlorination building.  Change order CO-1701301B concerns the
extension of time to complete indoor work on the project.  Supervisor
Giese noted the costs on the change order do not agree with her
paperwork.  After discussion, motion was made and seconded to approve
the change order contingent on the verification of cost.  Motion

Contract revision #9 was presented by Kaempfer & Associates.  The
scope of work has been greater than originally estimated, and there is
a cost increase for $11,825.00.  After much discussion, it was
determined that there one cost increase involves the above change
order for work extension.  Since there is too much to review, the
suggestion was made to hold the contract revision until a workshop
meeting can be held to review the scope of the project.

The Monthly Water Utility Status Report was reviewed.

Attorney St. Peter presented an update on the Premier Streblow
Estates, LLC project.  He noted that all issues have been resolved,
final documents are completed and all pertinent costs to date have
been reimbursed.  Only the bond needs to be submitted.  Motion was
made and seconded to approve the Development Agreement contingent on
the submission of the bond.   Motion carried.

Fondy Investments, LLC has signed the Development Agreement and all
pertinent costs to date have been paid.  A final certificate of
Insurance is still needed.  A discussion with Eric Otte and Gremmer &
Associates is needed to eliminate duplication of services for

Attorney St. Peter reported that the Telecommunications Ordinance the
Town approved last year is not valid due to recent State mandates.  In
June of 2013 the State adopted an ordinance that preempts the Town
ordinance.  The Town’s Association has written a model ordinance that
allows municipalities to have limited say about the installation of
towers.  Without an ordinance, the towers can be constructed anywhere.
 Upon the recommendation of Attorney St. Peter, motion was made and
seconded to have the model ordinance added to the zoning ordinance for
submission with the Farmland Preservation updates.  Motion carried.

There is an impass with Fondy Aqua Park since they refuse to pay for
attorney and engineering fees incurred over the last year in relation
to the Aqua Park.

Gremmer & Associates has agreed to do the Esterbrook Estates Add. 1
updated road project study at a cost not to exceed $5000.00.  Hometown
Bank has agreed to split the cost with the Town.  Motion was made and
seconded to split the cost with Hometown Bank.  Motion carried.

The old Oshkosh dump truck has not been used this year.  Due to the
fact the contract with the County for snowplowing is working well,
Acting Chairman Schmitz recommended getting rid of the truck.  There
are three options for selling the truck, put on the County excess
equipment sale site, sell as junk or advertise in the Town’s
Association pamphlet.  Motion was made and seconded to weigh the truck
to determine the junk price and then list on the County site as is
with the minimum bid as junk price.  Motion carried.

The old red truck from the State still needs to have a plow part
removed before calling the State to have it hauled away.  The plow
that was on the truck needs about $1000.00 of repair work.  Kelley’s
Repair has offered to buy the plow as is for $500.00.  Estimated value
if repaired is $1500.00.  Motion was made and seconded to sell the
plow to Kelley’s for $500.00 and authorize removal of the red truck by
the State as soon as the plow part is removed.  Motion carried.  Fire
Chief Craig Sanborn reported that the tail gate and several used tires
should be thrown onto the truck bed for removal also.  

Due to the success of having the County plow the roads, motion was
made and seconded to renew the contract at the same price for 2014. 
Motion carried.  A letter from the County indicated a shortage of
salt, therefore, a salt sand mixture will now be used.  Mrs. Schneider
asked why the County is plowing Town roads.  Acting Chairman Schmitz
indicated that due to a shortage of drivers and old equipment, it made
more sense for the Town to contract with the County for snow removal. 
New dump trucks cost to much to justify their purchase.

The Excel billing contract for the sanitary district is up for
renewal.   Motion was made and seconded to renew the contract.  Motion

The subject for stormwater management is “Restore your shore”.

Supervisor Giese reported she attended the OSG meeting where the
billing services by a firm from Milwaukee was discussed.  Acting
Chairman Schmitz was unable to attend the Airport Committee meeting,
but said the construction of a new County building in Campbellsport
was discussed.

There are no Planning Committee or Board of Appeals meetings planned. 
The Board of Appeals approved new signage for Partners by Design on
Pioneer Road.

Clerk Supple reported Rocky Schmidt has attended a pesticide
certification class and a digger’s hotline class.  She also asked for
the Attorney’s opinion on liability and replacement costs for posts
put along the Town road right of way by residents.  The Town is not
responsible for replacement due to a State law which allows the
removal of anything that interferes with the maintenance of roads. 
Attorney St. Peter noted that the Town should remain vigilant if these
posts become more obstructive. Acting Chairman noted that posts had
been placed by the Town by culverts and the County had to raise the
wing in order to plow around them. The broken pivot pin in the
International plow has been temporarily replaced and a new one
ordered.  The motor on the salter on the grey one ton truck needs to
be replaced at a cost of $270.00 to $370.00.  Plowing across roads by
residents needs to be addressed at a future meeting.  


	General Account received:  $148,085.07
                                        Orders:      360,971.05
                                        Balance:     58,300.55
		CD:  $175,000.00
	Road, Bridge, Culvert & Eq.:  $422,594.01
	Park:  $19,715.14
		Hall CD:  $100,065.51
		Fire Dept. CD:  $95,424.14
Motion was made and seconded to approve the Financial Report.  Motion


	Bills:  $91,368.86  Wages:  $12,691.87

Acting Chairman LeRoy Schmitz asked about the Kelley’s repair bill for
the Boss plow.
Clerk Supple will check into the matter.
Motion was made and seconded to approve the Payment of Bills.  Motion

The Town Board intends to convene into closed session pursuant to Wis.
Stat. § 19.85(1)(e) for the purpose of deliberating or negotiating the
purchasing of public properties, the investing of public funds, or
conducting other specified public business, because bargaining reasons
require a closed session. The subject matter of the closed session is
negotiations with the City of Fond du Lac regarding the existing
	Intergovernmental Agreement.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn following the closed session. 
Motion carried.

Submitted by Patti Supple, Clerk

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